Course Website

Course websites ordinarily become available once the course catalog is finalized.  Course heads and other appointed teaching staff have links to their course sites on their my.harvard Teaching/Advising home page.  Others can find course links by searching for courses at my.harvard (there is a link to the course website at the top left of the course description).  When Head TFs are appointed for a course, their appointment in Aurora also gives them access to the course roster, instructor permissions, grades, and sectioning tool, as well as administrative access to the course website.

Canvas is the course website platform for FAS courses.  To configure the course website, teaching staff may either start a new site or copy a previous site if one exists.  

The FAS Academic Technology manages the course websites and offer workshops on Canvas and other topics in teaching with technology throughout the year. If you have any questions, please contact Academic Technology.

The course website can be used for a number of functions including communicating with class lists.  Many courses also post course materials to the course website.  Please note, however, that it is not legal to post scanned documents of copyrighted materials on your course website.  The Gen Ed Office can work with you to identify whether the Harvard library system has licensed electronic versions of your materials so that you may post links to your website.  For further information, see “Linking to Harvard Library E-Resources” and Copyright.

Non-FAS Access

Students who are cross-registering for the course and are not enrolled in FAS will need special permission to access the course website. If the student has a Harvard ID number (i.e., HUID), the Head TF may give the student access to the course website by adding him or her as a “guest” on the “Class List” webpage. If not, the student must request an XID by visiting After receiving an XID, the Head TF may then give the student access to the course website by adding him or her as a “guest.” In addition, students who are not enrolled in FAS will not appear on the grading list and will not be able to complete the Q Evaluation. Grades must be reported directly to the student’s home school Registrar.