Term Timeline

The timeline below is an overview of some administrative tasks and when they are typically performed by Head TFs or solo TFs.  Always check with your course head about specific responsibilities that may or may not be included in this list.  Your Course Coordinator can answer questions about these or other logistics.  

Preparing for the Beginning of Term

  • Sign up for and attend  Head TF Orientation: late-August for fall term and January for spring term.  (Head TFs will receive e-mail invitations)
  • Schedule your office hours and reserve rooms as needed. (TFs usually arrange to hold office hours in their own departments, or, if House-affiliated, in their House offices.)
  • Prepare class handouts. (Whenever possible, we encourage you distribute materials electronically. If you need hard copies, please see our guidelines.)
  • Pick up desk copies of required texts (Gen Ed contacts TFs approximately two weeks before the beginning of the term with dates/times TFs can pick up their desk copies at Gen Ed.)

Beginning of Term

  • Submit Final Assessment plans (i.e., final exam, final project, take home exam, etc.) to the Registrar's Office.
  • Final enrollment numbers are determined after students submit their study cards (Gen Ed will notify faculty of any changes in section allocations or lecture room assignments).
  • Students may add or drop a course through the fifth Monday of the term, so you should manually reconcile your section assignments with the class list (on the course website) regularly to check that these lists match.
  • Release any section rooms you no longer need (cancel your RoomBook reservation if you reserved rooms from the FAS Classrooms Office; otherwise contact your initial scheduler).
  • Encourage students to buy books from the Coop bookstore before the first month of classes is over.  The Coop begins returning unsold textbooks to publishers (early-October for fall term, mid-February for spring term).  Contact the Coop for accommodations if needed.

Middle of Term

  • For midterms and hour exams:,plan ahead for photocopies, exam booklets, rooms, students with disabilities, etc., as needed.

 End of Term

  • Reading Period takes place for eight days prior to the start of final examinations. Course heads may choose not to hold formal class meetings.
  • Determine if/when/how you are holding review sessions during Reading Period.
  • Course heads can edit questions on their Q evaluations approximately one month before the end of the term. Students who complete the Q may view grades early.
  • For courses holding final exams, about two weeks prior an exams packet will be available for faculty and TFs.
  • Final grades are submitted via my.harvard to the Registrar's Office. TFs can enter grades if faculty set up proxy access, but only course heads can submit the grades.  Only course heads can change final grades after they are submitted.  Final course grades should not be released until after final grades are submitted to the Registrar's Office.  See instructions
  • Reimbursements: remember to submit to Gen Ed any outstanding reimbursements (such as Instructional Lunch Fund receipts).