For TFs

Gen Ed TFs are encouraged to take full advantage of all opportunities for pedagogical training, both before the start of classes and during the term, as well as the peer support available from the Bok Pedagogy Fellows in General Education.  Please contact Gen Ed Acting Director Laura Hess for further information about pedagogical support and resources for TFs.

Pedagogical Training

Before the Start of Term

Gen Ed encourages all TFs, regardless of teaching experience, to attend as many sessions as possible at the Bok Center’s Fall Teaching Conference and Winter Teaching Week, held each year the week before classes start and featuring lectures, discussions and workshops on practical aspects of teaching.

Please note the following expectations:

  • If you are new to teaching in Gen Ed, you should attend the “Teaching in Gen Ed” session.
  • If you are teaching for the first time, you should attend "Teaching Fundamentals for New Teaching Fellows", which has separate tracks for the humanities/qualitative social sciences and STEM/quantitative social sciences.
  • If you have not attended a Title IX training, you should attend the “Title IX and Professional Conduct” session.                                            

During the Term

  • Practice Teaching Session  Microteaching is a great way for TFs to get constructive feedback on their teaching.  Each participant gives a brief (~5 min) lesson and gets immediate feedback from the group.  These can be course-specific or open to TFs from across Gen Ed.  Talk to your Head TF about arranging a microteaching session for your course or contact Gen Ed Pedagogy Fellows to find out about open sessions.  If your department has a Departmental Teaching Fellow (DTF), your DTF may offer sessions as well.  
  • Classroom Observation  The Gen Ed Pedagogy Fellows can either visit your class and chat with you afterwards, or you can have your class videorecorded and then view the video with one of them.  This is an excellent way to gain insight into how your teaching is perceived by an objective observer.  Consultations are always private and confidential. 
  • Teaching Consultation The Gen Ed Pedagogy Fellows can meet with you individually to discuss any pedagogical questions and concerns you might have.  Consultations are always private and confidential.
  • Mid-term Feedback & Q Consultation  The Gen Ed Pedagogy Fellows are available to review the results of midterm feedback you solicit from students in your section or the results of the end-of-term Q Evaluation.