TF Responsibilities

FAS guidelines require Teaching Fellows in FAS courses to attend the lectures of the courses in which they are employed, unless the nature of their work has nothing to do with the content of the lectures (e.g., staff employed solely for lab work in chemistry courses). In addition, TFs should be aware of the course head’s expectations regarding:

  • When will the weekly staff meetings be held?
  • How many office hours is each TF expected to hold per section?
  • Does the course head expect each TF to have at least one section videotaped by the Bok Center?
  • Will the TFs help design quizzes and exams?

See Course Policies for other considerations.

TFs are often surprised by how much time they must devote each week to their teaching responsibilities in addition to time preparing for sections.  Teaching a single section usually involves at least seven hours of scheduled time per week (i.e., time spent in lectures, section, office hours, and a staff meeting).  A second section in the same course does not double the scheduled time commitment, but will require additional time each week.  Outside of scheduled time commitments, TFs will also need to find time to review readings, prepare to lead sections, and grade assignments, among other duties.