Support for Teaching in Gen Ed

Each year, more than a hundred faculty members and several hundred graduate students teach in the Program in General Education. The Gen Ed Office is happy to provide all Gen Ed instructors with administrative and logistical support, as well as pedagogical support.

Gen Ed courses enroll a broad range of undergraduate students, many of whom are non-concentrators. This can present some unique intellectual opportunities as well as some special pedagogical challenges. We strongly encourage anyone teaching in Gen Ed to take full advantage of all available pedagogical support

This section of the website is intended to serve as a resource to course teaching staff, providing information about important deadlines, logistics of managing administrative details of a course, key contacts, and answers to common questions. It is designed to follow the chronology of courses, allowing teaching staff to anticipate and prepare for the questions and potential issues that may arise, many of which may not be encountered in concentration courses or tutorials. In addition, this Guide articulates various campus policies that are relevant to teaching in Gen Ed.