Syllabus & Course Policies

Teaching staff are asked to post a syllabus to the course website as soon as possible, because students begin searching for courses before the beginning of term.  At the latest, a syllabus should be posted at least two weeks before classes start.  We recommend posting a PDF rather than a Word document to preserve formatting. 

Due to increasing costs and volume, Gen Ed is no longer able to provide photocopies of full syllabi for the start of term.  However, to promote “green classrooms” and reduce paper waste and excessive copying costs, Gen Ed encourages faculty to create an abbreviated syllabus to distribute to students during the first weeks of classes.  Consolidated to a single page (which could be double-sided), the abbreviated syllabus should provide the essential information students need as they are choosing courses for the term and refer students to the full syllabus posted on the Canvas website. 

As you develop and finalize your course syllabus, we encourage you to review the Syllabus and Course Policies sections of this website.