Guest Speakers

To inquire about funds for a guest speaker, the course head must submit a Budget Request Form to the relevant Course Coordinator prior to making trip arrangements.  If you would like to invite the Harvard community to your guest speaker event, please contact your Course Coordinator about publicity options.

If Gen Ed has approved your course’s guest speaker budget request, contact your Course Coordinator for assistance with:

  • transportation arrangements (air and ground)
  • lodging reservations in Harvard Square
  • dining reservations
  • reimbursing guests for out-of-pocket expenses
  • distributing honoraria payment

All guest speakers must receive this text in writing:

By accepting this invitation to speak, you understand that in providing these services, your status will be that of an independent contractor, free from Harvard's direction and control. You understand that you are not an agent or employee of Harvard and are not expected or authorized to enter into binding commitments on Harvard's part.

This may be in e-mail format or as a hard copy in advance of the guest’s visit.  No signature or other acknowledgement from the speaker is necessary.  Your message should also include confirmation of the date and time of the event, along with the agreement about honoraria and/or travel expenses.  See a sample letter for a guest speaker.

If the event is to be recorded, the speaker must sign this speaker consent for recordings. Please send the signed waiver to the Gen Ed Office for future reference.