"Shopping Week" & Course Registration Deadline

"Shopping Week" –The First Week of Classes

Students are encouraged to “shop” courses during the first week of the term before they submit their course enrollment choices on the Course Registration Deadline.  Student traffic during lecture will be busy during this course selection week (i.e., Shopping Week) as students come and go throughout lecture. 

TFs are encouraged to position themselves at all entrances to answer questions during the first meeting of the class.  At least one TF should be prepared to move outside the room and distribute course handouts (if any) in case students overflow the room.

Although the number of students at the first and second lectures gives some indication of course enrollment, final class size is usually much smaller.  If the number of shoppers differs significantly from the projected enrollment, contact your Course Coordinator as soon as possible. The Gen Ed Office will request an eventual move to a more suitable room and will notify the Coop Bookstore to order additional course materials.

The Gen Ed Office is not ordinarily able to authorize additional sections until after the Course Registration Deadline.  However, if enrollment is significantly higher than expected, or there is concern about identifying qualified TFs, the course head may want to create a standby list and identify potential TFs who may be appointed after the Course Registration Deadline.

This can be a stressful time of the term; please reach out to your Course Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

Course Registration Deadline & Beyond

Final enrollment numbers are not known until after the Course Registration Deadline.  However, sometimes students accept a late-fee and submit their online study cards even after this initial due date.   If a Harvard undergraduate has said that he/she has enrolled in the course but he/she is not appearing on the class roster in my.harvard, advise the student to contact the Registrar’s Office immediately.  Your Course Coordinator can also locate other resources if there is a special registration circumstance (e.g., cross-registration for Harvard graduate students, MIT, etc.).

The Gen Ed office will be in touch with course heads with the final enrollment tally within a few days after the Course Registration Deadline.  Section allocations may change during this time.  If there are allocation changes and changes in your teaching staff, your Course Coordinator will be in touch with the course heads and relevant teaching staff, and will ensure that the course is moved to a more suitable classroom, if necessary. 

Please note that TFs and TAs may not teach at all until they submit their employment forms to the University. This may delay the start of sections after enrollments are final if you are adding to your teaching staff. Please be clear with newly hired TFs and TAs that they must submit their employment paperwork before they are allowed in the classroom. Please contact your Course Coordinator if you have questions.