Reading Period

At the end of each term, a period of six or seven days prior to the start of final examinations is designated as Reading Period.  Reading Period is intended to be a time for students to reflect, review, and synthesize what they have learned during the semester.  See the dates of this year’s Reading Period.

Faculty Legislation

Please note that faculty rules mandate that, with the exception of designated intensive language courses, no regular instruction may take place during Reading Period and courses may not assign new material during this time. Sections and review sessions may take place during Reading Period, as may class sessions that must be made up due to weather or other emergencies.


If you have been meeting during the term in a classroom reserved by the FAS Classrooms Office (e.g. Harvard Hall, Sever Hall, Emerson Hall, Boylston Hall), then your classroom has been reserved through Reading Period. If you meet in another building and plan to use your classroom during this time, please be in touch with your Course Coordinator to ensure that the classroom is reserved.