Q Evaluation

End-of-term teaching evaluations are conducted through an online system.  On the “Q” Evaluation form, students are asked to evaluate the course, the instructor, and the TFs, and to comment on aspects of the course.  Since the information collected in this evaluation process is highly valued by undergraduates, TFs, and course heads, please encourage students to submit a thoughtful evaluation.  The course head will have the opportunity to add customized questions to the Q Evaluation approximately one month before the end of the term.  In addition, specific questions regarding how the course meets the broader goals of the Program in General Education will be added to all courses receiving Gen Ed credit.

As an incentive, students who complete the Q Evaluation are able to view grades early.  The completed Q Evaluations, along with summary statistics for the course, are available electronically to members of the teaching staff after the final grades have been submitted.  An analysis of the results of each course is also provided online to students as part of the course enrollment process each term.  Learn more about Q Evaluation.

TFs who receive an average “Section Leader/TF Overall” rating of 4.5 or greater for a course with at least seven responses will receive a Certificate of Distinction in Teaching.  If a TF receives an average “Overall” rating of 3.0 or lower, he or she will receive a letter from the Office of Undergraduate Education outlining steps to be taken to improve his or her teaching skills before returning to the classroom.