Teaching in Gen Ed 2.0

Harvard's revised General Education program will launch in Fall 2019. If you are a Harvard faculty member who wishes to offer a course in the new program, please contact gened@fas.harvard.edu.

Gen Ed is the cornerstone of the Harvard College curriculum. It aims to prepare students for their lives after college by teaching them, as the 2016 report phrases it, the art of living wisely in the world. It also helps students make sense of their time at college by helping them understand what a liberal arts and sciences education entails. Gen Ed courses are unusually explicit in drawing connections between the classroom and the world beyond it, between the subjects students are studying now and the people they will one day become. In doing so, Gen Ed courses teach students how to draw such connections for themselves, in all the courses that they take. "General Education is," in the words of the 2007 report, "the public face of liberal education."

In this way, the Gen Ed program is a unique place where faculty can teach courses they've always dreamed of teaching--and students take courses they'll never forget. To that end, there is a wealth of pedagogical and instructional support at your disposal, including help honing your title and course description, drafting new assignments or in-class activities, researching and reserving teaching materials in Harvard collections, accessing other resources on campus, preparing your syllabus and/or Canvas site, and/or training Teaching Fellows.