Course Proposal Process

The course proposal process begins with an online letter of interest, which asks these four questions:

  • What is the problem (or set of problems) that animate your course?
  • How is this problem of importance to the lives of students (whether they know it or not)?
  • How do you hope students will think differently about this problem after having taken your course? How is your course structured to help achieve this outcome?
  • Gen Ed courses have a special responsibility to help students connect what they learn in the classroom to the other aspects of their lives.  How are your assignments designed to achieve this goal?

Faculty proposing courses are also asked to submit either a draft syllabus (for new courses only) or a draft of an updated syllabus reflecting any changes to the course (with those changes clearly marked), and a description of major assignments (including specific examples/prompts, if possible).  

Interested in proposing a course?  We invite you to attend an informational lunchtime meeting with the Faculty Chair of the Committee on General Education (Ned Hall) and the Administrative Director of the Program in General Education (Stephanie Kenen) to discuss your proposed course and its fit for the Program.  See a list of dates and times.