Midterm Grades

According to the Information for Faculty Offering Instruction in Arts and Sciences,

Instructors teaching an undergraduate course are asked to report students making unsatisfactory progress to the Allston Burr Assistant Dean/Resident Dean of Freshmen.  This process can also be used to communicate special concerns about a student to the Assistant/Resident Dean even if satisfactory progress is being made.  Instructors may submit progress reports from approximately the third week of the semester until final grading opens.

These progress reports go to the Allston Burr Assistant Deans/Resident Deans of Freshmen and are used only for advising and counseling purposes.  They are extremely important for identifying students who may be facing any of a wide range of difficulties.  Instructors are also asked to cooperate with the Resident Deans of Freshmen and the Allston Burr Resident Deans regarding inquiries that they may make about the status of individual students.  However, please note that instructors should also be in direct contact with any student making unsatisfactory progress.

Several weeks after the start of term, the Registrar’s Office requests midterm grade reports be submitted in my.harvard.  Once the midterm reporting tool opens, your course head can give you proxy access to enter midterm progress reports and you can continue to submit progress reports until the end of the term when final grading begins. These progress reports are used only for advising and counseling purposes, and will not be part of the student’s record. Reports are e-mailed directly to the student’s academic team, and also become an advising note, which will display to the student’s direct advisors via the advising journal.  It is particularly important that the grades for freshmen and for students with unsatisfactory or unsubmitted work be reported.  Learn more about reporting midterm grades in my.harvard.

Records of midterm grades are used for advising purposes only; they do not become part of the student’s permanent record. The list of enrolled students reflects all “add” and “drop” petitions but not “withdraw” petitions. Any student whose name shows up on the grade report, but who has not been attending section or completing course assignments, should be listed as failing the course.