Midterm Feedback on Teaching

Course heads and TFs are encouraged to solicit feedback from students as early as the third or fourth week of the term.  Responses provide the teaching staff with timely and useful information about various aspects of the course such as course material, pedagogy, and logistics.  This questionnaire should be anonymous; it is essential that the privacy of individual students be respected.  The Bok Center’s website offers a range of forms for both courses and sections that may be copied and distributed, as well as instructions on setting up evaluations on the course website using the early feedback tool templates for the whole course and/or individual sections.  The Bok Center can also help you design an appropriate survey to address the varied aspects that can best inform you about the students' experience in your class; contact the Center to set up an appointment. 

We invite you to review the feedback with a Bok Center staff person or one of the Bok Center Pedagogy Fellows in General Education. To arrange a meeting, please contact the Center.