Media & Technology Support

Media & Technology Services (MTS) is responsible for all equipment rentals, special events, course recordings, and video conferences, regardless of location.

MTS service requests for support including audio operation, projection, recording, and web streaming can be placed online using the online Service Request form.

In order to contact the appropriate MTS office directly:

  • If your room is an FAS building (except Sever Hall, CGIS, Northwest Labs, and the Science Center), contact: MTS—Main Office, Science Center B-02, 1 Oxford Street, 617-495-9460, mts@fas
  •   If your room is located in Sever Hall, CGIS (North or South), Northwest Labs, or the Science Center, contact the following MTS offices:

o   CGIS North or South: MTS—CGIS (CGIS South Building S-053, 617-495-9807, mtscgis@fas)

o   Northwest Building: MTS—Northwest Building (Northwest Building B-111, 617-495-5775, nwmedia@fas)

o   Science Center: MTS—Science Center Prep Room (Science Center B-01, 617-495-5375, prep@fas)

o   Sever Hall: MTS—Sever Hall (Sever Hall 301, 617-495-9470, sevmedia@fas)