Lotteries & Limited Enrollment

It is sometimes necessary to limit course enrollment due to a shortage of qualified TFs or the inability to secure an appropriately sized room.  If either of these cases appears likely, contact your Course Coordinator as soon as possible.  Under these circumstances, course enrollment is often determined through a lottery.  All lotteries must be conducted at or before the second course meeting, and the results must be announced before the Course Registration Deadline, after which you cannot limit enrollment.  If you anticipate your course will limit enrollment, please contact your Course Coordinator to discuss lottery policies and procedures. 

Students will enter lotteries and be notified of results through my.harvard.  When students add a course to their online Study Card, this prompts a request for instructor or department permission; a student’s request for permission will serve as entry into the lottery.  Instructors will be able to download lists of students seeking admission to the course, run a random lottery, and notify students of acceptance through my.harvard.  Instructors will also be able to email students who have requested permission through my.harvard to remind them of additional steps – such as required attendance at the first class – or additional information requests.

After the Course Registration Deadline, it is important to double-check the list of enrolled students to ensure that only those who were given permission to enroll have added the course to their online study card.  If there are students who have enrolled in the class without permission, the Head TF should notify the FAS Registrar’s Requirements Office and they will contact the student about dropping the class.