Head TF Role

Head Teaching Fellows (Head TFs) work closely with the course head(s) on pedagogical and administrative issues associated with larger courses. While they may be given primary or exclusive responsibility for many of the following tasks, Head TFs should always be in close contact with their course head(s) throughout the term to determine the scope of their responsibilities.  This is especially true with respect to any pedagogical work (e.g., creating lesson plans, assignments, exams, grading standards, etc.)  While Head TFs may be given a great deal of autonomy, the course head is ultimately responsible for the intellectual and pedagogical design and content of the course.

Sample duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Updating and maintaining the course website
  • Requesting items to be placed on Library Reserve
  • Coordinating the creation of a coursepack
  • Copying course-wide handouts
  • Arranging (in consultation with the Gen Ed Office) for film showings, guest speakers, and field trips (if any)
  • Selecting, with the other TFs, times and possible locations for discussion sections
  • Sectioning (i.e., assigning students to sections)
  • Reserving rooms for discussion sections
  • Coordinating review sessions
  • Organizing weekly meetings of the teaching staff, arranging associated meals, and monitoring expenditures charged to the Instructional Lunch Fund
  • In consultation with the course head, preparing lesson plans and content for weekly sections
  • In consultation with the course head, preparing assignments (including exams), answer keys, and coordinating grading practices and standards
  • Recording grades for the course head to submit to the Registrar’s Office

In new courses, the Head TF may also be asked to assist with course development, including:

  • Working on the syllabus
  • Identifying readings
  • In consultation with the course head, creating assignments, labs, problem sets, etc.
  • Creating the course website

In smaller courses with only one or two TFs, the course head may ask the TF(s) to serve informally as Head TF(s) and to assist with some administrative tasks.

Head TFs (and TFs in smaller courses without a Head TF) are strongly encouraged to attend the Gen Ed Office’s Head TF Orientation, held before the start of classes each term.