Lecture & Section Handouts

Handouts fall into two categories:

  • material created by the Course Head or by a TF
  • third-party copyrighted material of any kind (e.g., newspaper or magazine articles, copyrighted material on the Web, cartoons, maps, poems, excerpts from books, etc.)

The former can be photocopied freely with the permission of the relevant member of the teaching staff.  The latter, however, is likely to require the copyright holder's permission and may require payment of a fee to photocopy or post on the course website.  Given these prerequisites, it is usually not logistically or financially feasible to distribute photocopies of copyright-protected materials of any length.  If you have any questions, please consult the Copyright section of this website or contact Gen Ed Acting Administrative Director Laura Hess.

We encourage you to have a “green classroom”, in which paper use is minimal.  All handouts should be made available on the course website.  In an effort to conserve resources, please encourage students to access these handouts electronically.  We understand that sometimes copies are needed.  If you would still like to provide physical handouts, teaching staff may photocopy course materials at the Gen Ed Office, but please carefully consider the need and quantity of handouts, particularly multi-page printouts of PowerPoint presentations.

The Gen Ed Office has two photocopiers available for teaching staff use.  The office is open on weekdays from 9am to 5pm, and demand is often heavy in the morning hours, so teaching staff should plan accordingly.  Please be sure to use the appropriate copy code (a listing is available on the copiers).

Please note that teaching staff will not be reimbursed for photocopying charges incurred at locations other than the Gen Ed Office because of the significantly higher costs and administrative overhead off-site copying generates.