Guidelines & Expectations for Faculty & Courses

The General Education Standing Committee (GESC) is developing policies and practices that will apply to all courses in the renewed Program, and will share recommended best practices and guidelines in time.  Faculty proposing courses for the renewed Program should be mindful of the following:

  • Expectations of Faculty Teaching General Education Courses
    • Faculty are expected to take ownership over all aspects of the course (including sections, labs, assignments, exams, etc)
    • Faculty are expected to participate in ongoing course development and  improvement, based on feedback from students, TFs, and peers
  • Expectations of General Education Courses
    • 150 minutes of contact hours with faculty per week (to align with the recently adopted changes to the FAS schedule)
    • Required attendance at all in-person class sessions (lecture, section, lab, etc.)
    • A “hurdle” requirement stating that students cannot pass the course without completing all required work
    • A General Education statement included on syllabus
    • A cumulative, synthetic, integrative final assignment is also strongly encouraged, but not required.