Why doesn’t the Humanities/Social Sciences/Sciences course I took show up as a fulfilled Gen Ed requirement?

In order to receive Gen Ed credit for a departmental course that has not previously been approved for Gen Ed credit, you must first take a Gen Ed course or departmental course that is currently approved for Gen Ed credit.  Credit can then be given retroactively for the Humanities/Social Sciences/Sciences course, as appropriate.

  • For example: A student who took CB 34 in Fall 2015 and English 141 in Spring 2016 will receive AI credit for English 141 since it is a departmental course in the Arts & Humanities division.  A student who took English 141 in Spring 2016 and plans to take CB 34 in Fall 2017 will not receive AI credit for English 141 until CB 34 is complete.

If you have taken a Gen Ed in the paired categories AI/CB, SLS/SPU or SW/USW, and a course you believe should count toward your other paired requirement but this does not appear on your Academic Advising Report before the start of the term, please contact us.