Fulfilling Ethics & Civics

Ethics & CivicsThis requirement is only for students graduating after 2019

Fulfilling Ethics & Civics before Fall 2019

Students can take courses that are approved for the current Gen Ed Ethical Reasoning (ER) requirement to fulfill the new Gen Ed requirement in Ethics & Civics until the new College requirements take effect in Fall 2019. Until then, students  may also petition for other courses they have already completed to fulfill this requirement; learn more here.


Fulfill Ethics & Civics in Fall 2019 or later

Starting in Fall 2019, only courses approved for this new Gen Ed perspective will fulfill Ethics & Civics   In summer 2019, a listing of academic year offerings that satisfy this Gen Ed requirement will be available in my.harvard.edu.


How it works

When all students are moved to the new requirements in Fall 2019, anyone who has already completed ER will automatically have fulfilled the new Gen Ed Ethics & Civics requirement.