Desk Copies

The Gen Ed Office requests that large publishing firms send one desk copy (i.e., teaching copy) for TFs for every 20 books ordered through the Harvard Coop.  Desk copies are requested after the Course Head submits the course book order to the Coop.  TFs will be notified when desk copies are available to pick up at the Gen Ed Office, though they are typically available the week before classes start.  General inquiries about desk copies should be directed to the Gen Ed Office.

When enrollments exceed expectations and additional TFs are hired, the Coop orders extra books, and the Gen Ed Office requests extra desk copies from the publishing firms.  There is sometimes a delay, however, in receiving the additional desk copies.  Some TFs may choose to purchase a textbook at the Coop in the meantime with the plan to return the desk copy in lieu of the book purchased.  Please be aware that this is up to the Coop’s discretion and they may not accept the desk copy if the book is marked as an examination copy.

On occasion, special arrangements may justify the purchase of additional books.  Teaching Fellows should not buy their own desk copies without first contacting their course coordinator.  All requests for such special arrangements should be made to the relevant Course Coordinator.