Class of 2022

A new set of requirements for Harvard College students will take effect in Fall 2019, replacing the current General Education program, and the Class of 2022 will transition to those new requirements at that time.

How do I plan for the new College requirements?

  • Gen Ed (4 courses): Aim to complete at least one of the four new Gen Ed requirements each year. One of these can be pass/fail.
  • Distribution (3 courses): Take departmental courses from across the academic divisions of the FAS to fulfill the new distribution requirement.
  • Empirical and Mathematical Reasoning (1 course): Take at any time a course approved for the Gen Ed Empirical & Mathematical Reasoning requirement or any Math, Applied Math, Computer Science or Statistics course. This must be passed with a letter grade.

How do I know what courses will fulfill the new College requirements?

  • Check my.harvard to learn whether a course fulfills Gen Ed or distribution requirements. At the bottom of each course description you will see two fields: General Education and Divisional Distribution. If a course fulfills Gen Ed or distribution requirements, that information will be listed here. If the field reads “None,” then it does not.

How do I know which requirements I’ve already met, and which I haven’t?

Will Gen Ed requirements I complete before Fall 2019 count for the new requirements?

  • Yes! Any current Gen Ed requirement you complete will count toward one of the new College requirements.

If I take a Divisional Distribution course now, will it count towards the new requirements?

  • Yes! Any courses tagged as fulfilling a Divisional Distribution requirement will count toward the new program, no matter when you take the course.

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General Education Transition Overview