Class of 2021

A new set of requirements for Harvard College students will take effect in Fall 2019, and the Class of 2022 will transition to those new requirements at that time.

  • How do I plan for the new College requirements?
    • Gen Ed (4 courses): Aim to complete at least one of the four new Gen Ed requirements each year.  One of these can be pass/fail.
    • Distribution (3 courses): Take departmental courses from across the academic divisions of the FAS to fulfill the new distribution requirement.  Many students end up fulfilling 2/3 of this requirement by the end of their freshman year as they explore possible concentrations. 
    • Quantitative Facility (1 course): Take at any time a course approved for the Gen Ed Empirical & Mathematical Reasoning requirement or any Math, Applied Math, Computer Science or Statistics course.  This must be passed with a letter grade.
  • How do I know what courses will fulfill the new College requirements? 
    • Check my.harvard to learn whether a course fulfills Gen Ed or distribution requirements.  At the bottom of each course description you will see two fields: General Education and Divisional Distribution.  If a course fulfills Gen Ed or distribution requirements, that information will be listed here.  If the field reads “None,” then it does not.
  • How do I know which requirements I’ve already met, and which I haven’t?
  • Will Gen Ed requirements I complete before Fall 2019 count for the new requirements?
    • Yes! Any current Gen Ed requirement you complete will count toward one of the new College requirements.  
  • If I take a Divisional Distribution course now, will it count towards the new requirements?
    • Yes! Any courses tagged as fulfilling a Divisional Distribution requirement will count toward the new program, no matter when you take the course.

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