Class of 2019

A new set of requirements for Harvard College students will take effect in Fall 2019, (not Fall 2018). While most students in the Class of 2019 will graduate before the new requirements take effect, students may benefit from the spirit of the new requirements through greater flexibility in how they can fulfill the current Gen Ed requirements.

  • What requirements do I need to fulfill?
  • What flexibility do I have? 
    • You must take one course that is already approved for Gen Ed in:
      • Either Aesthetic & Interpretive Understanding (AI) or Culture & Belief (CB);
      • Either Science of Living Systems (SLS) or Science of the Physical Universe (SPU); and,
      • Either Societies of the World (SW) or United States in the World (USW)
    • The other category in each pair can be completed with any course that is tagged in my.harvard as:
      • Arts & Humanities (or AI or CB)
      • Science & Engineering (or SLS or SPU)
      • Social Sciences (or SW or USW)
    • The order in which you take these courses does not matter.  The Gen Ed office will manually update your Academic Advising Report before the start of each term.
    • For Empirical & Mathematical Reasoning, you may take one course that is already approved for EMR or any Math, Applied Math, Computer Science or Statistics course.
      • If a Math, Applied Math, Computer Science, and Statistics course counts for EMR, it cannot also count as a Science & Engineering course that fulfills SLS or SPU.
  • Can I petition to have a course count differently than it is tagged?
    • Not ordinarily.  Ethical Reasoning is the only exception; learn more.
  • Can I take courses pass/fail?
    • You can take one of your Gen Ed requirements pass/fail, except EMR which must be taken for a letter grade. 
  • How to do I know how a course is tagged?
    • Check my.harvard to learn whether a course fulfills Gen Ed or distribution requirements.  At the bottom of each course description you will see two fields: General Education and Divisional Distribution.  If a course fulfills Gen Ed or distribution requirements, that information will be listed here.  If the field reads “None,” then it does not.
  • How do I know which requirements I’ve already met, and which I haven’t?

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