Book Orders

Course Heads can order all required and recommended books through the Faculty section of the Coop website, called FacultyEnlight, or e-mail book requests to  Please note that the Coop orders significantly fewer copies of “recommended” course books than “required” course books because of low student demand.

Please be mindful of the total cost of all course materials, so as to avoid imposing an undue financial burden on students.  We encourage you to be explicit with students about whether it matters if they obtain a particular edition of a book and to let them know what percentage of the required books they are expected to read.  

Students may purchase books for their courses in the Textbook department at the Harvard Coop (1400 Massachusetts Ave. and 18 Palmer St.).  Students can buy their books in person or place an order through the Coop website.

The Coop begins returning unsold textbooks to publishers during the fifth week of the term.  The Coop may make special accommodations in the case of books ordered or delivered late; contact the Coop if this may be an issue.

The Gen  Ed office ordinarily provides TFs with desk copies of all required books.