Program Renewal

Harvard's Program in General Education was established in 2007, and it went into effect for students who entered Harvard College starting in Fall 2009. Following a comprehensive Curricular Review, the Report of the Task Force on General Education outlined a new Program in General Education at Harvard College and explained the need for General Education as a part of a liberal education. Then, in 2016, based on recommendations from the General Education Review Committee's Final Report, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences approved a new set of requirements for Harvard College students. 

Beginning in Fall 2019, students must take one course from each of four perspectives: Aesthetics and Culture; Histories, Societies, Individuals; Science and Technology in Society; Ethics and Civics. General Education courses will be reviewed and considered for reapproval by the Standing Committee on General Education at regular intervals. No departmental, divisional, or College course administered outside of the Program in General Education will count towards these requirements.

In addition to the four General Education courses, students must complete a distribution requirement consisting of three additional departmental courses distributed across the three main divisions of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences: Arts and Humanities; Social Science; Science and Engineering and Applied Sciences. Students must also complete a requirement in empirical and mathematical reasoning.