Administrative & Logistical Support

The Gen Ed Office provides Gen Ed teaching staff with administrative and logistical assistance with

  • teaching appointments & payroll
  • course catalog
  • enrollment management
  • classroom scheduling
  • course materials
  • field trips, guest lecturers & other course activities
  • reimbursements

Please contact your Course Coordinator for assistance with any of the above.  Your Course Coordinator serves as your primary contact within the Gen Ed Office.  Your specific contact will depend on the category of the course you are teaching each term.

See a list of key dates for the academic year

A description of the resources available to you as a Gen Ed instructor is included below.  You are welcome to visit the Gen Ed Office during regular business hours. 

Office Computers

Gen Ed teaching staff have access to two PCs for use in the Gen Ed Office during normal business hours.  These computers all have Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as Adobe Acrobat installed.  Teaching staff may also print course-related materials directly to our copiers.

Course Funding

Gen Ed faculty can request funding for materials, field trips, guest speakers, or other class activities.  The course head should submit a Budget Request Form prior to incurring expenses.  Once approved, the teaching staff can work with their Course Coordinator to plan for these events.

Instructional Lunch Fund

Funds are available to facilitate regular meetings over meals between course heads and their section leaders to discuss course-related matters.  To be eligible for these funds, faculty and section leaders must meet for a minimum of six meetings each term and no more than fifteen times.  See more information about the Instructional Lunch Fund and instructions for reimbursements.

Desk Copies

The Gen Ed Office provides Teaching Fellows and Teaching Assistants with complimentary desk copies of course textbooks.  To obtain your desk copies, please contact your Course Coordinator.

Field Trips & Activities

Gen Ed instructors can request funding for field trips, guest speakers, or other class activities.  Once approved, the teaching staff can work with the Course Coordinators to plan for these events.

Being Green

As Harvard moves to become a greener and more eco-friendly University, we ask that you consider reducing the amount of paper used in your course.  The Gen Ed Office encourages utilizing course websites both to distribute and collect syllabi, handouts and assignments.

Course Websites

Teaching staff interested in support for developing, enhancing, or updating their course websites may consult FAS Academic Technology.  Academic Technology offers free workshops on the uses, design, and maintenance of course websites beginning in August for the fall term and January for the spring term.  A complete schedule is available online at the Academic Technology website.  Individual consultations are also available by appointment.


If your course requires hard copies of course materials, you may use our two copy machines during normal business hours for self-service black-and-white printing.  The Gen Ed Office does not have funding to reimburse you for copies made elsewhere.  

Due to increasing costs and volume, Gen Ed is no longer able to provide photocopies of full syllabi for the start of term.  However, to promote “green classrooms” and reduce paper waste and excessive copying costs, Gen Ed encourages faculty to create an abbreviated syllabus to distribute to students during the first weeks of classes. 

The office is open on weekdays from 9am to 5pm, and demand is often heavy in the morning hours, so teaching staff should plan accordingly.